UM PRO 10 Review

By Meredith Browand

I was looking forward to reviewing the UM PRO 10 and anticipated a clear sound that brought my favorite music to life. I wasn’t disappointed. I listened primarily to a country music Pandora station and a “Piano Guys” album. These are fairly different musical genres and I thought the UM PRO 10 held up nicely to both.

Sound Quality

I was anxious to hear my favorite songs on the UM PRO 10 and I was incredibly pleased once I hit play. The sound quality was exceptional and it made me realize that these earphones were a great value for an affordable price. Throughout my listening experience I found that there were parts of the sound quality that stood out the most:

  • I quickly discovered that I needed a fairly tight seal to truly experience the bass. I adjusted the silicone sleeves I was using and all of a sudden the bass arrived. However, the bass wasn’t incredibly deep or powerful. It felt more refined, subtle, and better aligned with the music than other bass-heavy earphones I’ve used in the past.

  • I was impressed by the balanced sound. The vocals were clear and it was easy to hear the nuances in the singers’ voices while the instruments were present at appropriate levels. I never felt like a single component of the overall sound was poorly aligned with the others.

  • The UM PRO 10’s sound is incredibly clear. I marvelled at how different many of my favorite songs sounded. It was as if I was hearing them for the first time and it allowed me to appreciate the music differently.


I tried hard to use the UM PRO 10 earphones in a variety of settings. I wanted to ensure that the performance was consistent regardless of the listening environment. The noise isolating technology allowed me to enjoy my music without the distraction of ambient noise no matter where I was.

  • The UM PRO 10 fit exceptionally well in my ear. The upside down, in-canal fit felt more like a custom molded model than a universal fit earphone. The over ear cabling enhanced the negative profile of the earphones and only increased my comfort.

  • The five pairs of STAR silicone tips and the five pairs of True-Fit foam tips gave me plenty of options to choose from for an ideal fit. I chose a pair of the silicone sleeves because they seemed to match my ear’s anatomy the best.

  • I fell asleep with these earphones in one afternoon at the beach. I was able to comfortably doze off without any discomfort from the earphones. The noise isolating technology blocked the noise from other beachgoers and allowed me a bit of peace to enjoy my music. It isn’t surprising to me that the UM PRO 10 has received the Earphone Solutions’ rating of “Most Comfortable Earphones”.

Build Quality

The build quality and construction of the UM PRO 10 was substantial and I felt like it was a high quality product that would hold up to long term use. I appreciated the braided audio cable that I could replace or upgrade if I wanted to. I would consider investing in a cable that I could use to control my iPhone and answer phone calls via an in-cable microphone. I tested a translucent red model but would be open to purchasing either of the other two colors (clear or translucent blue).

An added bonus for me is the UM PRO 10’s “Made in the USA” status. I try to buy as many products manufactured in the United States as possible. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the UM PRO 10 costs under $150. This seems like an amazing value and makes the investment in a new pair of earphones incredibly affordable. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in an earphone that provides a clear and balanced sound profile.

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