UM Pro 20 Review

By Jeff Browand - Commercial Pilot

There is no doubt that the UM Pro series offers users  an exceptional listening experience. I was looking forward to reviewing the Westone UM Pro 20 to see how this dual driver earphone compares to other in-ear monitors I’ve tested and how it compares to the other models in the UM Pro line.

I listen primarily to classic rock, country music, and fast driving hip hop songs while I workout. I used the UM Pro 20 earphones with all of these genres and discovered that my favorite songs were brought to life by Westone’s unmistakable construction and sound quality.


Because I used the UM Pro 20s in a variety of settings I feel confident I am able to make thoughtful conclusions about their overall performance. The noise isolating technology allowed me to enjoy my music without becoming distracted by ambient noise while I traveled or worked out. Highlights of the earphones’ performance include:

  • I was pleased with the way the UM Pro 20 fit in my ear. It has a low profile, in-canal fit that was comfortable in a variety of settings. The over ear cabling felt secure and prevented the monitor from slipping or sliding.

  • I was able to find the perfect fit for my ear’s anatomy with the five pairs of True-Fit foam tips and five pairs of STAR silicone sleeves. I initially assumed the foam tips would give me the best fit but was pleasantly surprised at the seal provided by the silicone tips and the fantastic noise isolation.

  • I wish that the UM line included a MFi cable with controls for my iPhone like Westone’s W series. The ability to pause and play music, change the volume, and accept calls on the cord is really handy and I would likely purchase this cable separately for use with the UM Pro 20.

  • The braided audio cable was great  while I was working out. It has a slightly tight fit over my ear and didn’t slide regardless of the workout’s intensity.

UM Pro 20 in the ear

Sound Quality

I was excited to hear my favorite songs on the UM Pro 20 earphones. The sound quality was exceptional and the dual drivers provided both depth and clarity.

  • I’m not much of a bass head so I appreciated the rich bass that didn’t overwhelm the rest of the sound profile. It was just enough without being overwhelming. I bicycle about 100-120 miles a week and appreciated this bass as I was gearing up the big hills near my house.

  • The sound is balanced and provides an accurate representation of the song. I was able to hear the different parts of the music and was pleased with the clarity in the instrumentation. I could hear the individual instruments and the sound never felt muddled or congested.

  • The highs were clear and I could hear even the slightest changes in a singer’s tone. The mids were well balanced and in alignment with the highs and bass. Many of the songs I listened to sounded as if I was sitting front row at a concert or next to the artist in the recording studio.

Build Quality

The construction and build quality of the UM Pro 20 is solid and substantial. These earphones seem like they will hold up to repeated use and maintain their quality performance for a long time. I really like the fact that they are American made. Our family tries to buy American as much as possible and I love to support companies and products with a commitment to manufacturing in the United States.

I would recommend the UM Pro 20 earphones to anyone wanting a balanced and clear sound. The $299 price tag is an obvious investment but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the sound, construction, or performance.

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