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Born in the back of a tour bus, Ultimate Ears has spent the last two decades providing custom in-ear monitors for musicians and in-ear audio systems for music lovers. Founders Mindy and Jerry Harvey started the company when they created a first-of-its-kind in-ear monitor for Alex Van Halen. Alex, the band’s drummer, was unable to hear the other band members over the performance stage noise. Mindy and Jerry’s original earpiece prototype for Van Halen revolutionized on-stage performances.

Over the next several years Ultimate Ears worked with other established audio system manufacturers to create the ultimate in-ear monitor. Artists from all genres began using the Ultimate Ear monitors and celebrating the unique sound they delivered to on-stage performances.

The Harveys wanted to transfer this on-stage monitoring technology to an in-ear audio system for the audiophile and music lover. The first Ultimate Ears in-ear monitor for the consumer audiophile listener was released in January 2004 and helped skyrocket the company’s market share. The last decade has seen Ultimate Ears continue to expand and develop their in-ear audio systems to better meet the needs of a demanding customer.

Ultimate Ears now operates as a subsidiary of Logitech while continuing to provide its own unique form of innovation to the in-ear audio market.