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A lot of of "which is best" falls under personal taste. We have *lots* of customers that own all 3 sets. The W60 wins for comfort and fit, and "natural" sounding, albeit the least "impactful" sound of the 3. W80 and SE846 sound superb and a notch above the W60.

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Comfort & Fit
Noise Isolation
Build Quality
Bass - Lows
Vocals - Mids
Treble - Highs

SKU# W60


SE846 will have a very fast bass (decay and attack are about the fastest we ever tested) but the nozzle system is quite less practical than Roxanne's "inline bass dial" L/R control.

Not taking size in account, we sort them in this preference order:

1) W80
2) SE846
3) W60

W60 becomes an obvious choice for those with smaller ears.

Keep in mind Universal fit earphones are more and more being preferred over custom. Just start paying attention to concerts, TV journalists and high profile artists in general. The less "contact" between the "foreign object" (earpice) and your ear canal, the better. Customs require much more contact than necessary and ideal. And that's why you start seeing more and more manufacturers building $1,000 universal fit earphones.