It's been a long, stressful day, and all you want to do is catch some shut-eye on the airplane. Uh oh, there's a screaming baby behind you and a bouncing "sugar kid" across the aisle. No problem, as long as you have your Westone UM PRO 10...

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Comfort & Fit
Noise Isolation
Build Quality
Bass - Lows
Vocals - Mids
Treble - Highs

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headphones and an iPod loaded with your favorite soothing music or meditations. Their low profile means unbeatable comfort, and the flush fit allows you to sink into your pillow without an annoying poke. Route the cables behind the back of your ears and voila! Like magic, they're out of your way. Best of all, the earphones block out up to 44dB of surrounding noise (compare that to 26dB for the full-sized Bose model). Junior can be screaming, "I want a cookie!" at the top of his lungs across from you, and you'll be oblivious as you ride the music to dreamland.

Every ranking that involves comfort and fit, Shure and Westone excel for their human anatomy friendly design and cable design. It's no coincidence. Just the facts.

"Bose won't stop the baby crying! These will!"

Westone UM PRO 10 Helped Me Sleep With A Snoring Partner

My partner's snoring was getting too loud to handle... regular ear plugs couldn't block out the noise, and regular headphones weren't comfortable to sleep in. The Westone UM PRO 10 were the last thing we tried before relegating ourselves to separate bedrooms. Thankfully, they work!

Pros: Great sound great noise blockage. Comfortable to sleep in. Well made. 

Cons: The foam ear-pieces wear out pretty quickly When the foam ear-pieces are worn out the fit/sound is compromised. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

By Rachel