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A MacBook Pro is a fantastic computer that often thrills users with is performance, intuitiveness, and portability. However, the computer’s audio often leaves the same users desiring more from their musical enjoyment.

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Relying on the audio components that come with the MacBook Pro can leave you frustrated and wanting more out of your listening experience.  If you are searching for ways to enhance your computer’s audio there are additional components that can make a big difference. These components will provide better amplification, give you stronger bass, increase both the detail and clarity, and separate the instruments and notes.  

D3 DAC This digital to analog converter (DAC) lets you bypass your MacBook Pro’s headphone outlet and send the music directly to your earphones via an USB port. This conversion increases sound fidelity and overall output. The D3 was designed for earphone enthusiasts but can be used with any audio system. This DAC has two LED lights, one to indicate power and the second to indicate a high sample rate. The low distortion levels and high signal-to-noise ratio will bring your music to life.

AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 This tiny USB thumb drive packs a big punch! Similar to the D3, it aims to convert your computer’s digital audio files to analog for a better listening experience. The DragonFly is incredibly compact and plugs into your MacBook Pro just like a USB drive. The prominent DragonFly logo lights up and changes color to indicate the current sample rate.

D1 24-Bit DAC This device gives you the ability to bypass your computer’s headphone output and send all audio to your earphones via the USB port or optical lines. The D1 is an ideal digital interface between your MacBook Pro and your music system. This DAC is different because it inputs from both USB and optical and has outputs for your earphones or any other audio system. Its versatility is evident and you can also use the D1 to improve your listening experience on a TV, DVD player, CD player, or Apple TV.

D1 or D3 DAC? Which one is better?

Multi Driver Earphones There are a variety of multi driver earphones available but our hands down favorite is the Shure SE846. This top of the line earphone provides multiple drivers and is an excellent addition to both a DAC and an amplifier. Your music will sound its best when enjoyed on the Shure SE846 and played on your MacBook Pro.

You can rest assured that the products we’ve recommended here are ideal solutions for enhancing your listening experience on a MacBook Pro. Our review panel has put these products to the test to help us determine which models are best for our customers.

We are pleased to guarantee the two year manufacturer’s warranty for our customers on earphone and DAC purchases. Your investment is safe when you trust Earphone Solutions for all of your listening needs.