By Music Type & Sound Preference

"Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to determine which earphones deliver the optimum sound experience with various types of music."

That's the message we conveyed to an elite team of volunteers recruited from members of our staff, friends and family - but without the five-second self-destructing tape of course.

This hand picked test force consisted of twelve "agents" (four females and eight males). Each was assigned the task of listening to a variety of music genres with the brands of earphones we carry. While the original plan was to include up to twelve songs from each category, in the end we selected only two in order to avoid too much "sound memory" confusion.

Team members then ranked the earphones they felt delivered the best sound for each type of music. Competition among some of the brands was close, while others were unanimously voted number one.

The results from this highly subjective mission are listed here.