Best Earphones for iPods


Apple’s line of iPods has revolutionized portable music devices during the last decade. If you enjoy listening to music on your iPod you need an earphone that will bring your favorite songs to life.

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Our trusted rating panel has helped us determine which earphone models are best for iPod listening. We’ve compiled their ratings and reviews and are confident the following models will provide you an exceptional listening experience. Take it from us. The right earphone can make you feel like you are in the front row of your favorite concert or on-site in the recording studio.

Shure SE846 The Shure SE846 is a state of the art noise isolating earphone that is perfect for use with any type of iPod. The three way system configuration for the high, mid, and low frequency distribution will elevate your listening experience by providing unmatched sound. This model relies on four high definition micro-drivers for a smooth and lush low end performance with extended high end clarity. You can personalize your listening on the SE846 with the customizable frequency response and the ability to choose between three different sound signatures.  

Westone W50 We’re confident this brand new earphone from Westone is an ideal solution for listening to music on your iPod. The W50 boasts five drivers on each earpiece with a state of the art three-way crossover aligned with individual low, mid, and high frequencies. This crossover results in a smooth sound mix that is balanced across all frequencies. You will discover unmatched clarity and incredible detail in the music you enjoy.

Westone W40 The W40 boasts four symmetrically balanced armature drivers to truly elevate your listening experience. The three-way crossover delivers clarity and promises an incredible attention to sound detail. The W40 comes with an Epic Removable Cable and a G2 Round Cable with built in Apple controls. This cord is ideal for iPod use because you can change the earphone’s volume from the convenient in-cable controls.

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