Best Earphones for iPads


Why would the best headphones for the new iPad be any different than for the iPod?

The iPad is one of the best devices for 3 listening uses. For listening to audio books, great interface for your music library and definitely a great movie player. 

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Comfort & Fit
Cable Quality
Noise Isolation
Bass - Lows
Vocals - Mids
Treble - Highs

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We rank the best headphones for the iPad, the best in-ear earphones for the iPad and the best earbuds for the iPad taking in account these 3 uses:

  • Music Listening (great stereo reproduction)

  • Audio Books (vocal with clarity)

  • Movie Sountracks (wide-stage surround sound)

Earphone Solutions takes the guessing work out of the way by testing, listing and ranking the best earphones and headphones for your new iPad under all uses.

With the iPad, these are the characteristics we looked for on the earphones tested:

  • Movie watching - best headphones that will give you a great "3-D" sound imaging surround sound - Audeo PFE 132 by Phonak

  • iBook and magazines which may play audio tracks as well - best headphones that will deliver voice with clarity usually are the headphones with a slight bump on the mid-range - Shure SE315

  • The iTunes interface for listening to music is just unbeatable so... - best stereo headphones for straight great music playback - Shure SE846

So, 3 great things your new iPad headphones should do very well now:

movie soundtracks, vocals with good clarity and last but not least, great frequency response that delivers crispy highs, warm mids and punchy strong bass.