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Westone Alpha (dynamic driver) and UM PRO 10 (balanced driver), Made in USA, deliver the most detail in this price range. SE215 by Shure is great for bass at a lower price. These are the top 3 performers in this category.

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With the SE215 ensuring a proper fit was simple. The three sizes of Shure’s sound-isolating foam earphone tips provided me plenty of options to find a fit that brought the noise isolation capabilities to life. The integrated ear hook secured them firmly to the back of my ears and they fit snugly once I had them correctly positioned. A few extra minutes of my time upon first wearing provided an excellent fit that enhanced my listening experience.


The SE215 has a single dynamic driver and I expected to hear much more bass and less highs and mids. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a big, loud sound that provided a great sense of space. The mids and highs were clearly defined and provided a great balance to the solid bass dynamic drivers are known for.   


I listened to these earphones in a variety of settings and enjoyed several different musical genres. I wanted to hear the bass on a fast driving song found on my workout playlist, the balance between the bass and the mids and the highs on a popular song I’ve heard many times, and the overall listening experience on one of my favorite songs. The songs I focused on for this review were:

  • Save the World by Swedish House Mafia

  • Beautiful Day by U2

  • Welcome to the Jungle covered by 2 Cellos

Each of these songs sounded fantastic on the SE215 and exceeded my expectations for the dynamic driver. I expected more congestion in the sounds but found a clarity I didn’t necessarily anticipate. However, there were times during these three songs that the thumping bass become slightly distracting. This seemed to happen more on Save the World than the other two songs.


I’m not surprised that these earphones have been rated Best Earphone Under $100. In addition to the technical specifications I was very pleased with the available compatibility with my iPhone. The $49.99 iPhone cable is a no brainer for anyone who wants to use the microphone to talk hands free. The SE215 is an excellent, affordable choice for a pair of noise isolating earphones that can bring the music to life.