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Talking books have come a long way since their days in vinyl record format. With the invention of new technology, more and more readers are feasting their ears on the words of their favorite authors while commuting, working out, performing household chores or just relaxing.

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From classics to contemporary, from educational to entertaining, if books are food for the soul, we recommend you feed your ears with the sound isolating Westone W10 or Shure SE425 — our picks as best earphones for audio books due to their enhanced mid range (where vocals are).

Sound isolating earphones prevent noise from entering the ear by use of a plastic, rubber or foam sleeve that surrounds the earphone. It fits inside the ear where the sleeve creates a snug fit. Along with its unique acoustic properties, it keeps outside noise from getting inside the ear. The Westone W10 is one of the highest sound isolating earphones (up to 44dB sound isolation).