Review of Westone W1

By NicoleTrein

Awesome earphones for a great price. These are the Westone 1s.

Best comfort out of the Westone 1 through 4R models. These are smaller than all the others. The W1 is lightweight looks like a petite version of all the other models. They fit so well in my ear and most importantly they don’t bother me. I barely even feel the buds. I mostly just feel the cable going over and around my ear. I'm not a huge fan of the cables. They tangle easily. I took the earphones of and set them down and when I grabbed them they were already tangled. But that’s a minor dislike. Definitely wouldn’t keep me from buying the W1.

The W1s come with a couple of sleeves, cleaning tool, and a case. The case is very nice. It’s a hard fabric zipper case. Everything fits in it but it is small and portable. It only comes with a pair of triple flange sleeves, 2 sizes of comply tips, and 2 sizes of silicone tips. If you have other preferences for tips buy them when you purchase these. I personally like the PA910 medium tips so I got those to use with the W1s. If not give the couple that it comes with a try and then buy others if you can’t find a good seal. Finding the perfect seal for your ears is pertinent in getting the best sound.

The Westone W 1 is all about amazing vocals and highs. At least that’s what I was most impressed with. The vocals sound crisp, clear, and just amazing. Vocals were the lead in every song. Solo instruments also stuck out amazingly. The guitar riffs in the live performance of Gravity by John Mayer were so clear. Enough to give chills! The bass was good, not as distinguishable as the highs and vocals. I liked how the highs were prominent but not annoying. Sometimes you get earphones with such bright highs that it becomes obnoxious. The W1s not like that at all. Seriously though, these are single drivers? They are so well detailed you could’ve fooled me. And they are so tiny but capable of being very loud.

I listened to Adele's 21 CD to give these a test run. I was so impressed with the quality of the vocals. The rich sound from the W 1 worked very well with Adele's rich deep voice. I also listened to some Linkin Park. The synthetic sounding electronica parts of songs like Blackout sound great because of the awesome highs. I also listened a little bit of Rihanna, some Coldplay, andMumford & Sons. All really great with awesome vocals but lacking in the lows.

The Westone 1s are an awesome pair of single driver earphones for an even better price. I was impressed with its compatibility with various genres although I don’t depend on its bass too much. Overall a positive experience!!

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