Comparison W60 vs Roxanne by Customer J. Valenzuela

W60 vs Roxanne

By our customer Jose Valenzuela, from Mexico

I am writing this review for people like me who are everyday consumers and like to hear music with maximum quality in an easy and portable way.


These in-ear headphones are a good size; they fit well in the ear, are very portable for everyday use and perfect when paired with an ipod or iphone. They come with the 3 button MFi cable. They are so comfortable that I use them all day long and I do not feel any ear fatigue. The isolation is excellent when you use the right size of eartips for each ear.

The accessories included are plenty. The earphones come with two types of sleeves: silicone and foam and these come in a variety of sizes. This model also comes with three colors of metal faceplate - red, gray and gold which are interchangeable; a very nice touch to personalize it. The tool to change the faceplates are included as well as a cleaning kit and a case of very good quality.  Besides the cable with 3 button control, these earphones come with a plain audio cable.

Roxanne side-by-side with W60

In terms of sound, the W60 offers a very balanced sound, with lots of bass, mids and highs but don’t misunderstand this - the sound is supreme and each aspect of separation is there. I especially like the way it conforms to the type of music I listen to; if the music is very “bassy”  the bass will stand out. If you listen to brighter songs, then you will get more of the mids and highs.

The bass is present with no exaggeration or bloated; it is wonderful and accurate in songs that have a high presence of bass, sounding very natural.

The mids and highs are very fresh and natural, especially in songs with lots of vocals and acoustic guitar. Very few headphones manage separation the way the W60 does.

In conclusion I highly recommend the W60 because they are lightweight, comfortable to be worn all day - every day - and very practical for use with any portable device. And of course because of its amazing sound.


In its physical appearance the Roxanne are bigger than other earphones of the same kind but they fit well in the ear. Its frame is big but that's obvious when you fit 12 drivers in each ear. At first they feel big but after a while you get used to them and they feel fine.

It comes with few accessories compared to other earphones; a small variety of eartips, cleaning tool and a very nice black colored aluminum case with brand logo.

Do you want to know how is the sound in an in-ear headphone with 12 drivers? Well, I tell you: it is a great sound! Like a loud explosion inside the ear but nothing that implies any distortion; the sound is very detailed - everything is perfectly separated: bass, mids and highs. Nothing is missing;  the truth is this is the best sound I’ve heard so far. The Roxanne comes with a cable that allows control of the bass level, for people who like more or less and to divide it into left or right. It is a great feature for professional musicians and sound engineers, in my opinion.

Cases of W60 and Roxanne

The bass can be controlled, as I mentioned before, and you can put them at any level you prefer;  the control is very easy to operate and it is very sensitive - any little adjustment becomes evident in the songs. The bass is very accurate, precise and natural.

In the mids and highs the separation makes sounds so detailed that I was impressed when I heard sounds and nuances in some songs that I had never noticed before, even with other headphones. That’s the amount of detail the Roxannes yields.

In conclusion I recommend these headphones if you really want to enjoy your music in a very detailed way, they are not as portable as others due to its bigger size but is not something that affects them for my taste.

It is hard to do a comparison between the W60 and the Roxanne; the two have a different use because  W60 is more portable and it offers the cable with control for calls and volume and the Roxanne does not. Being that the W60 is smaller and more comfortable it is easier to use it for longer periods of time. The Roxanne is a little bigger and a bit heavier so to wear it for a long time it could be fatiguing. As far as  the sound quality goes, both are very good but here is where the Roxanne exceeds the W60. They are different; I use the Roxanne in my quiet time, really savoring my music where the W60 I use on the go - I can enjoy great music while doing things and going wherever I want.

In conclusion these two earphones are highly recommended; just take into account your tastes and daily needs.

Thank you very much and greetings.

W60 and Roxane earphones profile.