Westone W10 Review

By Jeff Browand

I was thrilled to receive the Westone W10 earphones to review. I was looking forward to enjoying my favorite music on the unmistakable quality provided by all of Westone’s products. The Westone W10s didn’t disappoint.

Comfort and Fit

The W10 earphones have a sleek look and a compact, comfortable fit. I appreciated the low profile once they were in my ear and the way that the earphone pointed upward toward the top of my ear. The point at which the cord attached directed the cord up and over my ear, providing a tight fit with the braided EPIC audio cable.

One of the best comfort and fit features is the interchangeable cords. I was thrilled to discover that the W10 came with both a braided EPIC audio cord and an MFi G2 Apple control cord that I could use to play/pause my music, answer calls, and change the volume. However, I quickly learned that the Apple control cord was not a good choice to use while working out. The over the ear fit wasn’t as secure as the braided audio cable and I had difficulty keeping it in while I rode my bike and went for a run. Lesson learned. I’ll use the braided audio cable for all future workouts.


I feel that the W10 earphones are a durable product designed to withstand the test of time. Having the interchangeable cords is reassuring because I know a cord failure won’t require purchasing a new pair of earphones. I’ll just have to replace the cord. The signature Westone orange monitor vault keeps the earphones safe and secure during travel and when they weren’t in use. This is important to me as my job requires a lot of air travel.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation with the W10s is fantastic. I was able to completely enjoy my listening experience without any interruption from the surrounding ambient noise. I discovered that the fit and comfort of one of the larger pairs of silicone sleeves was best for my ears. It took some time and experimentation to find which tip or sleeve worked best. But once I did I was able to comfortably enjoy the music without being disturbed by unrelated noise.


One of the first things I noticed about the performance and sound quality is the subtle bass. I tend to like a more “boomier” sound so the recessed bass, in comparison to the mids and highs, left me feeling like the sound was slightly lacking. The overall balance seemed to be off compared to the sound profile I typically prefer. If you are a basshead these may not be the earphone for you.

The mids were slightly more emphasized when compared to the bass but were clear and detailed. This was obvious on the classic rock songs I listened to. The guitar and mid range instrumentation were detailed without becoming congested or muddled.

The highs were the star of the show with the W10. They were crisp, sparkly, and accurate without exhausting my ears or dominating the sound. I could tell the difference primarily on the upper range vocals of various country songs.


I’ve had an opportunity in the past to use and review the Westone UM Pro 10 earphones. They are within a comparable price point and offer similar features. If I had to choose between the Westone W10 earphones and the Westone UM Pro 10 earphones I would definitely choose the W10s. The flexibility of the interchangeable cords (2 cables are included with the W10 vs. only 1 with the UM PRO 10), a clearer sound profile, and the overall comfort make them the obvious choice for me.


The Westone W10s are a high quality balanced armature driver earphone that shoppers should definitely consider for their next purchase. They offer a unique sound profile that many listeners will enjoy and boast plenty of comfort and convenience features not found in other similarly priced models.

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