UM3X with Removable Cables Review

By Nicole Trein

The UM3X RC is without a doubt one of Westone's most powerful earphones. I was surprised (in a good way) at how much they had to offer. I've got to be honest, after listening to music with earphones like the SE535 and the W4R I had pretty much made my mind up when it came to earphones. I was over judgmental when it came to rating other earphones but the Westone UM3X RC has loosened up my judgment. I’m glad I gave these a chance because they haven't failed me so far!

After trying out products from both Shure and Westone I came to a conclusion. Both had great sound quality for each respective price range but they differed in comfort. I personally preferred how Westone products fit (like the Westone 3s and W4Rs) mostly because the Shure build was too bulky for my ear. I did like how the Shures fit firmly in my ear but after wearing them for too long it hurt. The Westones were smoother and smaller so they didn’t hurt but I missed the tight seal. That was the one setback for me when it came to the W3s as it's as if the engineers over at Westone read my thoughts and designed the UM3X. They fit perfectly. They're big enough to stay secure in my ear but not too big to be irritating. I got an amazing seal using the PA910 Medium sleeves. Sound isolation- perfection. I couldn’t hear a thing around me.

What I believe stood out the most with the sound of the UM3XRC was the precision in the beat of songs. I could clearly hear the instrument that kept the tempo whether it was a drum or a bass guitar. The rhythms are very clearly accentuated and the sound never drags on. This makes sense to me since the UM3X are often used as stage monitors and it’s crucial of performers to stay with the tempo. But I am nowhere near being a performer. I got these for my iPod and laptop and I really liked how it sounded. The beat is always there. I can’t help but step my foot with the tempo or bob my head with these. The vocals are also good. A little cloudy when you raise it to a higher volume though. They have a kickin’ bass that blended well with the other parts. I really liked how the sound projected with the UM3X with Removable Cables. It’s hard to explain but the best way to describe it is that the sound is expansive. It’s what I would call stadium sound because the sound expands as though you were in a stadium. It sounded very natural and raw.

I listened to Uprising by Muse. I had chills in part because of the nice deep bass and also because of how the song projected from all sides. Then I listened to Into the Ocean by Blue October. The song sounded live. It is already a very raw song mostly driven by vocals and the UM3X enhanced that. Another song I listened to was Iscariot by Walk the Moon. Once again I felt like I was at their concert. The sound from the guitars and drums felt as though it was coming directly from a live amp. I listened to some U2 as well and loved the balance in each range and the distinction with each instrument. These are definitely one of my favorite models by Westone!

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