Review of Westone UM2RC

By Nicole Trein

The UM2 RC (now replaced with the new UM PRO 20) is a great model from Westone made in the US line. I loved the build of all the “Made Right Here” earphones because they are comfortable and long lasting. I was excited to give these a go and you should be too. The packaging is similar to the UM1, UM3X, and W4R. I got the one with the hard water resilient case which is a newer edition but they also sell them in smaller box with the fabric hard zipper case. Its contents are similar to what comes with the Westone 1. That is a pair of triple flange tips, 2 sizes of comply tips, 2 sizes of silicone tips, and a cleaning tool. I like memory foam sleeves in medium so I had to get my own sleeves for the Westone UM2RC.

One of the best parts of the Westone made in the USA is the build. The UM2, along with the UM1 and UM3X, is made of a sturdy durable plastic. They also fit very well on me. Great for when I go jogging because they don’t slip even with sweat. There is a red dot on one ear bud (indicating the right) and a blue dot (indicating the left ear bud). I got come in clear but I didn’t really like the clear earphones. The UM2 with removable cables also come in blue and without removable cables the UM2 comes in red. I wish these were made in black as well. I prefer black over any colorful earphones because I think they're more discrete. Aside from the color these have an amazing build and endurance which is what really matters most to me.

The sound is wonderful and very natural. The mids were outstanding. I felt as if I was at the concert listening to my favorite bands. Awesome balance between the 2 drivers and great detail. The vocals are forward but still warm and they sound so real. It has slightly less of a bass than on the Westone 3 (if you've ever used those). The bass is there could’ve been a little more pulsing to it. Highs sounded excellent as well. Guitar solos blew me away. I loved the raw sound that these make. The songs sounded live. The sound is deep and open. Even the highs still sounded rich and not pointy. 

I listened to some songs from Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head album. I loved The Scientist. The song sounded somber in all the right parts but still clear. I have a DVD of the live concert from this CD and listening to it on my laptop with the UM2RC was unforgettable. It was as if I was at the concert. I also listened to Young the Giant which is one of my favorite bands.Cough Syrup sounded great. Crisp and clean. Stripped of all the technicalities of editing. It sounded natural. I then listened toInto the Ocean by Blue October. I liked the depth of the sound. Since the song is mellow but also has a variety of vocals, especially towards the end, the rich sound that comes from the UM2 really complimented the song. Overall these are great for many diverse genres but especially for acoustic and concert performances.

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