Earphone Solutions Customers Testimonials


These are comments extracted from Yahoo! Shopping merchant rating system which are collected independently from us. There are also feedbacks sent via email from our customers.

  • "In 10 years of buying audiophile equipment, Earphone Solutions has been, by far, the greatest customer service supplier in North America for portable audio earphones. I have bought from many and most do a decent job but Earphone Solutions seems to bend over backwards to satisfy the customer. I have bought product at 3pm CST and it has shipped same day! Incredible! Returns, exchanges....they are very accomodating. There are a few others out there that are very good but Earphone Solutions is the best IMHO."

    Steve H

  • "Dear Flavio,

    I heard your name bandied about on the Website and thought I'd like to send you some feedback directly. I ordered yesterday and received today a pair of Westone 3 earphones. I read the reviews on your Website and was in fact quite skeptical about the difference between "ordinary" dynamic earbuds and the top-of-the-line earphones with balanced armiture drivers. I was blown away by the sound available from my ipod. The first piece I listened to was a Jasha Heifetz performance of the Glazunov Violin Concerto with Walter Hendl and the Chicago Symphony (a classic recording from the 60s). It was a revelation. I never realized there was so much sound in there, even though I had listened to that recording maybe a dozen times. Even though this was recorded 50 years ago, the experience was electrifying. And I have a wonderful sound system with truly outstanding speakers. These little black (Chinese) earphones exposed more detail than I have ever heard.

    Thank you for selling them to me. What a joyful experience, to hear something this wonderful anew. People just have to know that, no matter how good the rest of the process/system is, you can't get past the transducers.

    You need to come up with a way to get more folks to listen to these things. If they're classical freaks, they'll never go back."

    Paul M

  • "Hang this on your wall because I'm a royal pain to please. Got you product faster than expected. Product quality better than expected. Price best on the internet. Acknowledgements sent out promptly. Guys, a customer can't ask for anything more and if they do, its time for them to be buying somewhere other than the internet.
    March 1st, 2007."

  • "If every e-store operated as efficiently, expertly and professionally as EarphoneSolutions, the brick-n-mortar stores would cease to exist. Truly, I cannot begin to describe the shopping experiences Ive had with the fine folks at EarphoneSolutions. I have been purchasing from them for years now and I have never had anything but a truly great experience. At times, due to my work schedule, Ive needed things in a hurry. My e-mail inquiries were answered quickly and each time EarphoneSolutions had the products in my hand when I needed them. I recommend them on every level: products (latest and greatest); pricing (lowest you will find); and customer service (best in the galaxy). Keep up the great work.
    John S, Louisville KY" August 17th, 2006.

  • "This is one of those companies that you wish sold EVERYTHING that you need instead of what they specialize in selling because they are the best in terms of price, delivery, service and selection.

    Their customer service department is willing to help anytime theyre asked and go further in trying to help than other companies could even dream of.

    While other companies respond to support questions with the typical I dont know... or If we stock it, it might be over in that aisle... sort of responses, EarphoneSolutions.com responds with knowledgeable answers in a timely manner with care and sincerity that your issue is being handled correctly and that its resolved quickly!
    Anthony D., August 30th, 2006."

  • "This was the best online purchasing experience I've ever had. Your review of EarphoneSolutions.com was the primary motivating factor in selecting them for my purchase of Ultimate Ears earbuds. That, and of course, the price. The website was well laid out and easy to navigate. I received my purchase two days after placing the order. It was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend them to others."

  • "Incredibly comfortable earphones using the pliable foam plugs, which I had no trouble adapting to when I wore them for the first time. But more importantly is the impressive audio reception using the UMs with my video iPods. Much richer sounds, broader range, impressive bass, extremely durable wiring and device, and 99.99% noise canceller. Compared to the Bose Comfort-2 headphones, the UM2s block out the extraneous noises better and are less cumbersome. Compared to my Shure 3c-n earphones, the UM2s are worth the affordable price and provide higher quality sound whether Im listening to pop, classical or DVD movies. The added bonus is the fast, efficient & reliable customer service! Thank you!

    Charlene K."

  • "I order approximately $125,000.00 of merchandise annually for both personal and business purposes. I order factory direct as well as via vendors. In the 8 years or so I have ordered merchandise this way, I have to tell you that you and your firm are far and away the best I have ever dealt with.

  • "A Truly amazing seller. Living in the UK and ordering from America I expected it to take a few weeks but 5 days later it had arrived. One of the top 3 sellers I have ever used online. Brilliant!"

  • "Earphone Solutions offers amazing products with unbiased reviews and unbelievable prices. The customer service is friendly and top-notch. I recommend these guys without hesitation."

  • "Hi to all at Earphone Solutions.com,

    Not recently have I felt so strongly that a business be complicated for its all around excellence, as I do for you guys! Your knowledge about the earphones that you sell, as well as your buyer friendly exchange and return policies make buying earphones over the web into a great experience. What could have been total guesswork, since there are no retail dealerships where you can test drive these earphones before ordering, is made quite easy. You seem to understand that it may take a few attempts before the consumer finds the correct earphone that is both comfortable and delivers the sound that is acceptable. This happened to me after I purchased the Ultimate Ear Super fi 5 Pros and finding them uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended period of time. You also realize that it may take a month to have the opportunity to wear and adjust to each pair of earphones, in my case, I was on vacation during the 3rd week and had extended earphone usage. So far, the UM2s fit very comfortably and the sound is incredible! Thanks for all the help! 
    Dr Steven Blumberg"

  • "Earphone Solutions.com is the perfect source for purchasing quality earphones at great (make that fantastic) prices! I purchased Shures Sound Isolating Earphones here and couldnt be more satisfied. I received my order in two days in perfect condition. The site offers all the info you could ask for on each product! Ordering is a breeze. No hassles. Just great service. Shop here. You cant go wrong. 
    Leroy D"

  • "I have ordered twice from this store with excellent results both times. They had the best price that I could find and their shipping speed was fantastic. I will definitely buy from them again and recommend them to anyone without reservations.
    John W"

  • "Its the first time I ordered from outside Europe. It turns out that dealing with EarphoneSolutions was uncomplicated and fast (!). Im satisfied with the product and EarphoneSolutions. Both is to be highly recommended. 
    Kevin E."

  • "Quick, easy and cheap...I thought you werent able to get all three with an online company..I was wrong. Perfect. "

  • "Great Company, especially the customer service. I have purchased from them many times and will continue to do so for all products that I need and they carry.
    J Webb

  • "Thank you very much. It really has been a pleasure dealing with you. Your communication, your policies and your customer service are all appreciated and unfortunately is the exception, rather than the rule. I just wanted to let you know.

    I am also raving about the headphones, so you should be getting some orders from my friends.

    Thanks again. Mark Cantor"


    I ordered a set of Shure E5c earphones from Earphone Solutions after finding them via an internet search. The price was $130.00 lower than any local or big name merchants ($369.99 versus $499.99, a savings of 26%).

    The order was promply processed and I quickly received an e-mail with tracking info. My order was received the day following processing (I specified FedEx next day air). It was well packed an contained a brand new set of the earphones I ordered. I also received some extra instructions on proper fitting of these earphones.

    Overall, Earphone Solutions provided OUTSTANDING Pricing and service and I highly recommend them. I will definitely buy from them again!"

  • "Excellent store, I am a very experienced online shopper and I must say this place was extremely quick and great. Their price match deal is for real, I have never shopped at a place that was so quick in their email returns...I found a lower price than one listed so I sent an email out to them about it, and they were able to send me an email back within the hour about it. The only reason I didnt give them a 5 for shipping options was because there was no free shipping. But Id still pick this place over any other one out there that offers their selection of products. One of the few bussinesses that really wow-ed me during my experience with them."

  • "They are all action along with their words. They live up to their advertising statements.....and then, some. Great shopping experience. I have placed them in my favorites section. Thank you for your dedication to customer service"

  • "Earphonesolutions has the BEST customer service you will find online. They are always willing to answer your questions (no matter how many you have). Also they will make a reccomendation on a product for you. I asked their opinion between two headphones and they actually told me that the cheaper one would be better for me, they werent just trying to take as much money from me as possible. They have excellant service and I highly reccomend them to anyone looking to buy headphones of headphone accessories. The only problem with them is I wish they sold other products so I could buy everything from them. Nice job earphonesolutions. A+ Service.

    P.S. Remember they price match, so if you find a higher price just ask them if they will match it."

  • "Its my first time shopping at Earphonesolutions.com. In addition to their attractive price (especially UE), their customer service is excellent: friendly and timely! (Special thanks to Flavio for his help.)

    I have no doubt about recommending this shop to anyone who is seeking for reliable online purchase of earphones at a competitively low price with a great customer supporting team. =)"

  • "Great headphones at an outstanding price! Delivered double-boxed and on-time! Highly recommend this seller! 
    Douglas J N"

  • "Im a returning customer to this store. I really loved this company when I originally purchased my Shure e2c earphones, and then when i needed the replacement buds, i came back.

    They are by far the cheapest place to buy these, that I have seen. Both the earphones and the buds were shipped within 12 hours of my original purchase! Great timing in getting the stuff out.

    Thanks again earphonesolutions.com, you always make it simple! "

  • "An excellent overseas transaction which saved me in excess of $200. When I received the earphones some items were missing so I contacted customer services who sent out the items immediately and at their ownexpense. The website is comprehensive and they are more than happy to give advice before and after the sale. This company sets a new benchmark for customer service and satisfaction..... Well done !!!!"

  • "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... I just got the earphones/iskin today!!! 5 days from *purchase* (7th) including a weekend in between and I already received it on Spain!! I'm used to buy online and can assure you this is a record. My best international transaction ever. And with fair shipping prices!

    keep up the good work.

    Seville, Spain"

  • "Fast, convenient, knowledgeable and a good selection of upgraded MP3 headphones. Need more? Saved $18 off of price when I asked. More? Called at 2 pm EST and shipped my headphones overnight that same day. Highly recommended."

  • "Provided great service, delivery was quick, sales staff answered questions with knowlege, had multiple suggestions and has a very liberal return policy. I would strongly recommend Earphone Solutions. Great to do business with."

  • "Best prices on the web or anywhere for high end noise-blocking earphones. Fast delivery, product as advertised, friendly help answered my email promptly. Web site easy to use, offers great deal if you click the links! No spam or hassles after purchase!"

  • "This was my third earphone purchase through EarphoneSolutions, and once again the process was smooth and efficient. I changed my mind about the earphones I wanted at the last moment (before my initial choice had shipped), and customer service immediately switched the items and sent out my final choice. The earphones (Etymotic ER-4P) made their way out to Thailand in just one week (with international mail, not Fedex!), and Im now enjoying them immensely.

    The company is also thoughtful enough to provide a guide to in-ear phones, describing the process of getting used to them, and encouraging new users to have patience before they decide to return the product.

    So I look forward to my next purchase through EarphoneSolutions!"

  • "They are the reason why I shop online and not in the city. They are great.
    Jason N
    Phoenix, Arizona "

  • "Great service! Definitely email them for their competitive prices. They are VERY competitive! Free shipping and they arrived a day earlier than I thought they would arrive (2 days from FL to CA). Good notification throughout the purchase. They were shipped the same day as ordered (as promised)."

  • "I buy a lot of things online and this is one of the best online merchants I have come across. This was my first purchase with EarphoneSolutions.com and they exceeded my expectations at every turn. Also, the personal contact I had with Flavio when he followed-up with my order was impressive. Not only was he professional, but went out of his way to insure I timely received my order like a friend would have done. I do not hesitate to give them a 5 Star rating!!!"

  • "I do a good deal of online shopping each year. This merchant is easily one of the very best I have ever dealt with. One note should be added: they keep the customer extremely well informed as to the status of the order. I have made four or five purchases. I couldnt be happier."

  • "I usually take these reviews with a grain of salt assuming that most are written by shills. However everything went like clockwork with Earphone Solutions. I bought a pair of Shure E3cs and took the regular shipping option. They shipped from Florida (I believe) and I live in CA. Earphones arrived in 3 days, by USPS no less!. Price was among the lowest I found. I emailed them because the tracking number didnt work and they got back within 24 hours. E3cs performed as expected (great sound overall, no bass). When I get up the wonga for E5cs I will probably go back to ES again. Fritz"

  • "Overall, a great experience. A far better deal than anyone else on the internet. The whole purhase process was very easy. My headphones were originally on back order and the website provided a shipping date that was direct from from the manufactor and it was right on time. Everything about this purchase has been an excellent experience and I will recommend EarphoneSolutions.com to my friends."

  • "I just discovered that you included the airplane adapter in my order. I did some checking and that's not part of the ultimate ear package I bought so that means you threw them in as a gift I guess. What a nice and useful gift to include. Thank you! Its rare these days to find business' that do thoughtful things like that. I'm quite impressed with your business, your products and just how you conduct yourselves. I just had to say thank you for a wonderful shopping experience. Have a great day :)"
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