Review of the Shure SE425 Earphones

By Nicole Trein

The SE425 offers exceptional sound and a strong seal. The SE425 come in a very nice box that holds the earphones and a hard carrying case. In the case come several different sleeves to try out and an adapter for the earphones. The sleeves consist of foam tips and silicone tips each in small, medium, and large, yellow foam tips, and a pair of triple flanges. I suggest you take your time and try out all the sleeves instead of quickly putting these on straight out of the box. Once you find a perfect well-tested sleeve the seal on these earphones will be great and the sound will enhance tenfold. 

I really liked the Shure SE425 chrome. The color isn’t just a rusty bronze but has a nice silver tint as well. The cable was a little too thick and stern as goes for most Shure earphones but it is something I can adjust to in order to get this nice sound. The good thing though is that the cable is removable unlike the other earphones whose price and quality is comparable to the Se425 (the PFE132 and W3). Shure even sells the Plus cables which works for iPods, iPads, and iPhones and is compatible with the SE425 so you can change the cable to your liking and use.

The earpiece is a tad too big for me but they stay I’m place pretty well. They aren't the most comfortable earpieces mostly just because they are too big for my taste. I do like the rough part of the cable that goes over the ear. I got it to fit nicely over my ear without falling forward all the time. These earphones seem to be very durable and are capable of withstanding constant long use. The SE425 are also masters at noise cancellation. 

What I do love about the Shures is the sound quality. Shures always have an impressive bass, and great mids and highs. The engineers at Shure maintained their reputation for good sound when designing the SE 425. When you put these on you can only here the music. No other distractions and outside noise. The sound is keen and the bass kicks in at all the right times. Sure it isn't as strong as some of Shure's more expensive products but it definitely makes its presence noticeable. These are great for listening to upbeat songs with lots of dynamic. Not so much for classical music or acoustic covers just because for those genres I normally try to find earphones with a little more precision where the bass doesn’t distract from some other parts of the music (so I can pick out certain instruments). But the SE425 are killer for those awesome workout playlists! 

I listened to one of my favorite songs Cough Syrup. I love listening to this song just to pick out certain parts and instruments. I'll listen to it repeatedly to do just that. The bass stood out in exquisite precision. And the sound was all encompassing; coming from all directions. These small earpieces generate so much volume you drown in music. I listened to Into the Ocean by Blue October. Since this song doesn’t feature too much bass and mostly relies on vocals it wasn't as impressive as other selections. The Shure SE 425 is perfect for rock lovers who enjoy listening to guitars, drums, and basses. Not so much for vocals. Then I listened to Uprising by Muse. WOW! I was overwhelmed by the sound. Very dynamic and it did the song perfect justice.

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