Comfort & Fit
Noise Isolation
Build Quality
Bass - Lows
Vocals - Mids
Treble - Highs

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Comfort & Fit
Noise Isolation
Build Quality
Bass - Lows
Vocals - Mids
Treble - Highs

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Testing and ranking the best Shure earphones since 1995

Shure earphones are known for their incredible sound quality and outstanding performance.

Shure In-Ear Headphones for iPod and other portables.

If you came looking for the best and most reliable earphones available for your iPod or your portable, you came to right place.

Shure earphones are known for their incredible sound quality and outstanding performance. At Earphone Solutions, we strive to offer Shure Earbuds for the most affordable prices.

Shure was founded in 1925 as The Shure Radio Company by Sidney Shure. The company is based in the US, and has been a Chicago area company since its founding, when Sidney Shure worked out of an office in downtown Chicago. The company moved to Evanston, Illinois in 1956. Shure Incorporated relocated to an award-winning office building in Niles, Illinois in 2002 and we visited their new building in July of 2006 where we had the chance to meet the nice folks at Shure that we "knew" by phone since 1996. The following Shure Earphone models listed below are the ones we have determined to be the best.

The unique design of E Series earphones is a reflection of their origins as a solution for musicians monitoring their performances onstage. Features developed expressly for professional touring musicians are now part of the listening experience provided by all Shure E Series products. These features bring new levels of sound quality, comfort, and security to portable listening.

Studio-quality sound
All Shure earphones employ small in-ear speakers, called "drivers." These tiny, efficient devices deliver rich, accurate sound to give you a unique listening experience. 

Secure in-ear design
In-ear earphones are designed to fit snugly and securely inside your ear, making them the perfect choice for sports, workouts, or other activities where headphones or earbuds might shift or fall out. 

Natural noise reduction
By isolating you from background noise, in-ear earphones are ideal in many situations where interference from outside noise causes you to turn up the volume on your headset (mass transit, airplanes, gyms, work). 

Personalized fit
All Shure earbuds include a Fit Kit - a selection of soft, flexible sleeves to personalize the fit of your earphones to your ear, ensuring both a secure fit and the noise isolation that are the keys to this unique listening experience. 

Portable, lightweight design
In-ear style earphones weigh far less than portable headphones. All Shure earphones SCL and SE Series models include a small, convenient carrying case so your earphones can be quickly stored in a pocket or purse when not in use. 

Low-profile cable path
E Series earphones are designed so that the cables pass behind your ears - out of sight and similarly out of the way. Perfect for your active lifestyle. 

Two-year warranty on Shure earphone materials and workmanship

How to use
To enjoy the superior isolation and rich, full-frequency sound of your Shure Earbuds, it is important to fit your earphones properly into your ears.

The Shure Earphones Story

Over the past decade, most pro touring musicians have switched to personal monitor systems to hear themselves clearly and in real time. The final and most personal element of these systems is the earphones, a pair of small, hi-fidelity speakers that are fitted directly into the performer's ears. By isolating the performer from unwanted sounds, Shure earbuds allow musicians to hear themselves more clearly, and at lower (and thus safer) volume levels. E Series earphones were originally developed as the in-ear component of Shure's PSM series of personal monitoring systems for touring musicians. Their outstanding sound, personalized fit, durability, and low-profile design all match Shure's exacting standards and support Shure's history - over 78 years of delivering the highest quality professional audio gear. 

The SCL Series goes offstage
The latest evolution of the Shure Headphones E Series began when musicians and sound engineers who were using the earphones professionally (on stage and on tour) started taking them offstage - on tour buses, on planes, literally "wherever their music took them." The superior quality and the natural sound isolation of the E Series made them exceptional traveling companions on noisy road trips, lending studio-quality sound and subtlety to everyday listening experiences. CD players, MP3 players, MiniDiscs, DAT, DVD, cassettes - the E Series makes them all sound better - more real, more present. Shure is committed to delivering your sound with its full richness, nuance and detail, no matter what the environment. That's why we're now delivering the E Series directly to you�the same technology and design, the same earphones, the same experience.

The musicians who use them
Shure has an extensive list of musicians and sound engineers who use our products daily. They act as our ambassadors and our sounding board. We use this feedback to help us design products that answer needs and exceed expectations. Since 1995, Shure has been the world leader in personal monitor systems through our PSM Series wireless systems and E Series earphones. Some of the PSM Series and E Series endorsers include artists like John Mayer, Five for Fighting, Phantom Planet, Alice Peacock, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pete Yorn.