Shure SE315 Review

By Nicole Trein

The SE315 offers the same exceptional quality of its more expensive counterparts at a more affordable price range.

It comes in a box very similar to that of the SE425. A square black box with a flip cover so that you can see the contents inside. The accessories are also the same as of the SE425. It comes with the same variety of sleeves: foam tips and silicone tips each in small, medium, and large, yellow foam tips, and a pair of triple flanges. I got it in clear although it isn’t my favorite. I would much rather have these in black. With the clear you can see all the inner workings of the earphones and there is blue dot on the left ear piece and a red dot on the right earpiece indicating which side to use each earpiece. I think the black is more subtle and solid which is what I prefer. I really liked how the case that it comes with is the one with the clip to hook onto your belt. The other Shure earphones that I have used come with the regular carrying case and you have to buy the clip separate. 

Another thing I noticed about the Shure SE315 is that it is more comfortable than the other Shure earphones. I have small ear canals and so Shure normally hurts although other people find them all very comfortable. The SE425 were a little rough on my ears and so I could never used them for more than about an hour. After doing a side by side comparison I found out the reason. The earbud on the SE 315 is slightly thinner on the part that goes into your ear (where the sleeves are). That way my ear doesn’t expand too much when I insert these. It was a great fit. 

The cables on the SE315 are also thinner than the SE215 and SE425 and they are lighter. The only thing I could do without is the hard part of the cables that go over the ear because they press down too much. But since these are replaceable cables I can probably find some other cables that will be more of my liking. 

The Shure SE 315 offers the same top notch quality that Shure is so famous for. But what really surprised me with the SE315 is that the mids and especially highs stand out on top of the bass. For once the bass wasn’t the MVP and the highs were put in the front line. With Shure I had already been accustomed to a powerful bass that sometimes clouded over the highs. These were different. The SE315 has outstanding highs, a decent bass, and well balanced mids. Vocals sound exceptional! I loved how you can clearly hear the vocals over the heavy beat of a song. The SE315 is also very detailed. More so than the SE215 and both are single drivers. Really though, these are single drivers??? I was impressed! 

I listened to “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant to give the SE315 a test run. Why that song? “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” is awesome for earphones because it does great job at dividing what is heard on the left earbud and what is heard on the right. At one point the left is mute and you only hear a beat in the right and then all of a sudden the right mutes and you hear a guitar riff on the left. It is really interesting. On the SE315 the balance was great. The switches from one ear to the next weren’t choppy or abrupt. Vocals were awesome! Not too much bass. Then I listened to “Human” by The Killers just because I love that song. It was very dynamic and the volume changed as the song picked up and slowed down. After that I listened to some John Mayer and Adele just because of the vocals. I loved them on the SE315. Overall these have great highs, a decent bass, and well balanced mids. If that’s what you’re looking for, you search can stop here!!

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