S-EM6 6 Driver Universal Fit Earphones by EarSonics

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Get up to $100 Off on your order NOW!

Customer Ratings
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Customer Ratings
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S-EM6 6 Driver Universal Fit Earphones by EarSonics

EarSonics of France launches the first ever Universal Fit earphones to feature 6 drivers and a 3-way crossover. With a very high sensitivity of 124dB/mW these will sound very loud at probably less than half the volume of the iPhone and iPod. The frequency response of the S-EM6 is 10 Hz to 20kHz and impedance of 60 ohms.

Driver Configuration:

  • 2 Low Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 2 Mid-Range Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 2 High Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 3-Way Crossover

Driver Configuration of the Earsonics SEM6


The EarSonics S-EM6 ships with a "Y" shape replaceable cable, cleansing wipes, wax removal tool with brush and carrying case. They carry a 1-Year Warranty.



SEM6 Specifications

  • 2 Low Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 2 Mid-Range Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 2 High Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 3-Way Crossover
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    Ironic & Pyrrhic
    Washington, DC
    Posted on

    I write reviews of gadgets for a number of major widely read publications These headphones are absolutely amazing compared with everything I've had the pleasure of trying except for the only other pair in its class, the Shure SE846, which features an incredible EIGHT DRIVERS -- INCLUDING A SUBWOOFER!!! The thing is, I don't think it's fair to rate these two products head-to-head. The S-EM6 is designed and sold as a pair of very high fidelity in-ear headphones, while the Shure SE846 is really meant to be used by musicians on stage -- it' was only with the advent of the iPod that consumers wanted to listen to their music with the highest quality buds possible -- especially since the ones Apple included with every device until last year's iPhone 5 release was well...awful, to say the least (although Apple's new "stock" buds -- I think I heard an Apple Store associate call them EarPods -- are actually more than half decent -- they're actually quite good for "free" headphones) So when I bought my first pair of Shure in-ear monitors in 2003 I was very much out on a limb as far as my headphone purchasing habit was concerned, and Shure didn't know what to make of me when I called for a warranty replacement because the length of time I was wearing them caused the insulation on the wires to crack and the wires to break inside the insulation. But they learned, and today have all sorts of features (which I won't list) meant to make their top-end friendly to both audiophile consumers and stage musicians. Frankly they're features you don't need if all you want is a warm rich sound right from the box without having to choose any "custom" pieces like the Shure's force you to do. So yeah, the SE846 is formidable opponent which I look forward to getting more than a few hours alone-time with for a proper review/ But back to the S-EM6. As I mentioned above, these have only 3 drivers per bud (6 total) to the Shure's 4 per (8, including the two subwoofers) but they don't make you tinker with little tiny pieces to get the sound you want. The truth is that these are warm and rich right off the front, even without any burn-in time, which is to say they sound great right out of the box and don't seem to require listening at a lower volume for a long period of time to get them working right. So, the cost is the same for both the S-EM6 and the Shure SE846. Now that you've reached the end of this godawfully long review, you are probably asking yourself: "Is this ass**** going to recommend one or the other? Which one does he suggest I spend my roughly $1,000 on?" The answer, my friends, is no -- these two sets of buds have such different "genes" that it would be dishonest to push one over the other. So instead, see the pros and cons. And one warning -- you may become infatuated enough with either the S-EM6 or the SE846 that you purchase one of them. Just keep in mind that at around $1,000 per pair for either you might not be able to afford to purchase a device to connect them to or be able to afford (legally obtained) content to play through them. That's pyrrhic for sure. Pros: Very good fidelity,"realistic" soundstage. Not too heavy on the bass, nor shrill on the treble. Overall "laid back" sound reproduction, good for listening in any genre. Doesn't seem to require any burn-in -- they sound great from the first note with no noticeable change in character over what would be a traditional "burn-in" for other IEMs. Excellent resolution in the lowest frequencies (not the same as bass). Sounds in that range are crystal clear, not loud. Cons: Crossover makes some of the soundstage more artificial sounding. Lack of subwoofer means that while low freq resolution is good, it often lacks the oomph" required for a faithful reproduction.

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