Review of the Roxanne Headphones by JH Audio

By Adriana Teixeira

Last night, over a quiet dinner, I had the opportunity of trying the Roxannes for a second time - the first time I was at the JH Audio headquarters and it lasted all but a mere few couple of minutes.

Last night was different and magical; I made sure the sleeves were the correct ones for me - I took my time trying them out and settled on the foam ones, medium size. And I played several songs from my (very eclectic) collection.

Sorry but there are no words to describe what 12 drivers in each earpiece will do for you; I will try, though.

First, it is a requirement to say that the Roxanne is big; but you must understand that this is simply necessary in order to be able to fit the 12 drivers previously mentioned. So, you will not get the flush fit some other models offer however they DO STAY in place! They were not staying very well when I first tried them on at JH but that’s because the sleeves were not the right ones for me. This time I had the foam ones - medium size - and that made all the difference in the world. Just perfect. Total isolation.Roxanne Headphones

I usually hesitate when it comes to writing reviews, specially if I need to describe sound (I find it easier to describe fit and built quality - which, by the way, is superb. These are built right here in the US - Florida, to be more precise). The cables are thick and braided but so pliable and lightweight.

The sound experience is so personal… But I’ll do my best. I do not consider myself an audiophile but I do enjoy good sound. I love detail, intensity, clarity, vibrance. I listen to a lot of different things - depending on the mood. The following is my gear: Edition 8, W3, ES5, SE846. At home I have B&W speakers paired with a vintage Sansui 9090DB and a Manley Stingray tube preamp.

The bass is intense but not overwhelming; bass and drums have their place beautifully. Vocals and metals are crystal clear without being too bright. Nothing is too forward or rolled off.

With instrumental and specially movie scores (like “The Mission” and “Gladiator” - my favorites), the orchestra comes alive. The intensity is impressive.

With the Roxanne... do you want to feel as if you are front row at a live concert? You got it.

Do you want warmth? You got it.

Do you want to feel as if the vocalist is singing right in your ears? No doubt.

Do you want to feel right in the middle of the dance floor? No need to ask.

Oh! I forgot to mention that you can actually increase or decrease the amount of bass while you listen to the songs - you can’t get more “custom” than that!

Roxanne Bass Control

These are beyond awesome; they are a sure addition to any serious listener that wants the best, simply the best.

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