Review of PFE122 Phonak Earphones

By Nicole Trein

The PFE 122 are great for their price range. They are fully equipped in both accessories and sound.

The packing is very nice. Only the earphones are seen from the outside but underneath come all the accessories. The PFE 122 comes with sleeves. The Phonak Audeo PFE122 comes with 3 sizes of silicone sleeves and one pair of foam sleeves. I used my own pair of PA910 sleeves in Medium, these are the “olive tips.” They are the best for me. The PFE122 (Full Edition) also comes with a pair of ear guides which I loved. It mends into the top of the cable where it goes over your ear and lines against your ear snug and comfortable. These ear guides are much more comfortable than the thick replaceable cables from Shure and Westone. I like the case for Audeos because it has 2 separate compartments. That way you can store the ear phones in one and all its accessories in the other without getting all the contents tangled up. It isn’t a hard case like the Westone and Shure cases but it gets the job done at keeping the earphones safe.

PFE 122 Earphones in the hand

The Phonak Audeo PFE122 is very comfortable and light weight. They are ideal for travelling and for casual listening although not so much for working out because they will fall. But they are so comfortable that you can use them when you sleep. I sleep on my side and I hate it when I want to listen to my music before bed but the earphones hurt against the pillow but since these are small and have a flat surface they don’t hurt one bit. I also like the cable. It is light and smooth but best of all: tangle free! The build quality is also excellent. They are all small and delicate on the outside but they are built so well I doubt they’re as fragile as they appear.

Sound- wise the Audeo PFE 122s are subtle and clear. The sound isn’t heavy and it flows very nicely. One way for me to describe it is clean and smooth. There is no fuzziness or roughness. There is good sound isolation but mostly on louder volumes. The vocals are clear and it features brilliant highs and mids. These have an adequate bass but there could be more. Sometimes, at louder volumes, some instruments get muffled (like a rhythm guitar) but it picks up tambourines and cymbals with extreme precision.

I listened to Human by The Killers to give these a run. I liked how well the volume varied whenever a peak was reached. It sounded clean and even synthetic in a good way. It also had cool echoes. Then I listened to Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant which is awesome for earphones because it does great job at dividing what is heard on the left earbud and what is heard on the right. The sound was very clear and well balanced. The vocals which sound a lot like “lyrical talking” were also nice. I then listened to some 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, and Adele. I came to the conclusion that the PFE122s are very clear and precise, have great highs, not too much bass, and decent isolation.

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