Review of PFE232 Phonak Audeo Earphones

By Nicole Trein

The Audeo Phonak 232 can be described by no better term than full-equipped. These earphones have it all. Not only in tangible contents but in sound as well. The only negative is the high cost but trust me, you get exactly what you pay for!

The PFE232 come in a nice little box that keeps its contents are secure but inside is where the fun begins. This device comes with a variety of items that will help to enhance your experience. The PFE232 package includes the earphones with a microphone and multifunctional button, a box with exchangeable acoustic filters, silicone and comply tips each in small, medium, and large, a cleaning tool for ear tips, silicone ear guides, and another cable without a microphone all inside a carrying case. These features are sure to aid you in achieving a perfect fit. The PFE232 have removable cables and they come with an extra pair which means you get more for what you spent. The exchangeable acoustic filters are another great quality so you can continue to have great sound no matter how much you use the PFE232. The variety of sleeves was good for finding the right fit although it doesn't include triple flange sleeves or the yellow foam sleeves. I really liked the Perfect Fit silicone ear guides which connect to the cable and contour over and around your ear. They stay on firmly but do not irritate around my ears.

The build of the earpiece itself is what I really liked. They are small, light-weight, and not at all bulky. The part that is visible on your ear is flat and doesn't stick out. The comfort of the PFE232 deserves a 10. I put them on with no effort and they stay on comfortably for hours. The PFE232's color is also very nice and not too showy. The grey part of the earpiece looks good against the black cable and to me it even resembles the smooth tint of stainless steel. The cable is thick but also light weight. The only thing I would change is the location of the buttons. I know that it is where the microphone is so it is better for it to stay near the mouth but if I just wanted to be able to control the music on my iPod, I'd prefer the buttons to be lower down and not so close to my face.

The sound of the Audeo PFE232 is amazing. Everything sounds HD and pure. It is hard to believe that such powerful sound is coming from such a small device. I can bust the volume on the PFE232 (which I so often do) without them sounding muffled. The bass was distinguishable although at some point I wish it'd be a little more accented. It wasn't as insanely mind blowing as I had expected. But since I personally don’t rely too much on the bass it was good. What really impressed me was the PFE232's keenness in detecting all aspect of a song. I think that is all a matter of its superb clarity. Vocals sound great in these and stick out perfectly against the contrast of all the surrounding instrumentals.

The sound quality of the PFE 232 fit perfectly for my taste. I enjoy the synthetic sounding electronic driven tracks as well as raw live performances. I listened to Sails by Awolnation which includes plenty of base, electronics, and distortions. The wonderful clarity of the PFE232 complimented all the aspects of this type of music because it made all the minute details extremely precise. It could’ve used more bass though. I also listened to one of my favorite live performance songs Heart of Life (live at Nokia Theatre) by John Mayer. It sounded as if I was actually at the concert. The sound came from all sides. The acoustic was amazing and the vocals just stood out in such clarity. Another song I listened to was My Body by Young the Giant and it was also great. I really like how I could pick out the rhythm guitar and the electric guitar which normally just muffle together and are cover up one another. The dynamics are awesome and I can definitely see myself jogging for miles listening to this on the PFE232.

I had a very pleasant experience with the Audeo Phonak 232. The great features and contents, clear sound, and amazing comfort make them worth the price.

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