My Experience with the UM1 by Victor (12 years old)

The UM1 (now replaced by the UM PRO 10) has been with me for as long as I can remember. It has served me well for the past years. I loved the quality of sound, its snug fit, and noise canceling ability. Other headphones claim to noise cancel but the UM1 does it better than any other along with the UM PRO 20, and the Westone W30. Small and convenient you can bring it almost anywhere. I bring it to all trips and car rides I go on. For air travel the headphones not only noise cancel everything in the plane with music, but it also seems to lessen the pressure pain you get in high altitudes. Though the cords may seem to look very flimsy, its braided texture is 2x or even 3x stronger than plain cords. With one driver, the earphones deliver clarity, heavy bass, and actually helps you hear details in the song that you never heard before.

Take a step further is the UM PRO 20 with two drivers. This gives ultimate clarity, with even heavier sounds to help you enjoy the music as if you were in a concert. When I tried them on, it was too big to fit my ear, but that's because I'm only 12. The UM PRO 20 is probably my favorite of all.

The final stage of evolution is the Westone W30. These earphones deliver superior, unbeatable bass and some clarity. At first when I tried them out they seemed to have punched me with their bass quality. The whole thing was way too big to fit and I was a little disappointed with the Westone W30. It is unpredictable sound-wise. Some songs will be muffled by the bass and everything else will be a blur. Some songs will sound annoying. But songs with balanced sound will sound perfect. If you exercise a lot, choose the Westone W30, if you just want to listen to music pick the UM PRO 10 but if you record things like a musician does, choose the UM PRO 20. I am twelve years old and I am a UM PRO 10 user!

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