As a musician, choosing the right earphone is about performance, passion, and producing an accurate sound. Investing in high quality earphones will transform your performances and provide exceptional on-stage monitoring.

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We’ve reviewed, rated, and ranked a variety of in-ear earphones to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision. Which model is right for you? Before you choose an earphonet ake into account your musical genre, the venues where you most often perform, and your desired technical specifications.

Shure SE846 This newly released model from Shure has quickly become a favorite for on-stage monitoring. Its four drivers and low-pass filter deliver an amazingly precise and fast bass. A three way crossover allows musicians the ability to accurately hear the music as it’s being played. The universal fit is an added feature that makes the technical specifications even more effective.

Westone UM PRO 50  The UM PRO 50 offers musicians top of the line earphone performance with a full and even sound. The five balanced armature drivers allow you to hear the individual components of the music and separate the bass, mids, and highs for incredible clarity. This Made in the USA model has earned the admiration of musicians seeking a earphone designed for on-stage monitoring.

The Shure SE215 The Shure SE215 is the most affordable earphone recommended for a musician’s use. This single dynamic driver earphone is known for its strong bass and full sound. The removable Epic braided cables utilize the same technology present in the top of the line Shure models.

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