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My name is Flavio, I'm the CEO. We are AUTHORIZED GRADO dealers since 2005 in Orlando, FL. Warranty is void when buying from non-authorized dealers on eBay or Amazon. We can only ship Grado to North America.
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Customer Ratings
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when you buy from Earphone Solutions.
My name is Flavio, I'm the CEO. We are AUTHORIZED GRADO dealers since 2005 in Orlando, FL. Warranty is void when buying from non-authorized dealers on eBay or Amazon. We can only ship Grado to North America.
when you buy from Earphone Solutions.
My name is Flavio, I'm the CEO. We are AUTHORIZED GRADO dealers since 2005 in Orlando, FL. Warranty is void when buying from non-authorized dealers on eBay or Amazon. We can only ship Grado to North America.
Customer Ratings
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GS1000e Headphones

Featuring a new species of handcrafted Mahogany earpieces made using an intricate curing process; Grado has been able to optimize the tonal quality. The GS1000e uses new upgraded dynamic transducers and the new 8 conductor cable design. All this, new wood, driver and cable designs result in improved control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum with both better supporting the GS1000e's new world renowned midrange. Grado's GS1000e cushion design actually creates a "room" for the ears to sit, creating a larger soundstage and greater spatial experience for the listener. It was most important to design the correct balance between the driver and our wooden driver housing to give us the resulting sound that we desired. This has been accomplished. By creating this "room" for the ears to sit, positioning of the cushions with regards to the ears (i.e., forward or back) is somewhat critical in finding the absolute sweet spot. With this cushion design, we believe the GS1000e to be one of the most comfortable headphones on the market today. The GS1000e retains a sound that is pure Grado, rich full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep and the music is very tight and non-fatiguing. All with a soundstage that is huge allowing for unbelievable separation and layering of the music which is simply stunning. Listen and enjoy! Features
  • Vented diaphragm
  • Wooden air chamber
  • UHPLC copper voice coil wire
  • UHPLC copper connecting cord
  • Handcrafted Mahogany earpieces
  • Upgraded dynamic transducers
  • Most comfortable headphones on the market today
  • Rich full-bodied vocals and deep bass
  • Adjustable Headband
  • 8-Conductor Cable Design
  • ULHPC Copper Voice Coil


GS1000e Specifications

  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: open air
  • Frequency Response: 8-35
  • SPL 1mW: 98
  • Normal Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Driver matched db: .05
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    palmetto, fl
    Posted on

    The first time I laid eyes on her, my heart nearly skipped a beat. Boy was she gorgeous. It was early January just a few days after Christmas. I was at my fiancee's house for her surprise birthday party. My girlfriend is very jealous and demands to be first priority so you could imagine how upset she was to find me and the sexy miss GS 1000i wrap around my face on the guess room floor. Warning to all audiophiles: sneaking off to listen to a pair of headphones, by yourself, when you should be singing "happy birthday" to your girl is a bad idea. Absolutely no excuse. Now If you got a pair of CD for Christmas and are dying to hear them in a hi-fi system and if your uncle is in Kuwait till month's end and if you absolutely have no access to his FirstWatt amp, the pair of Westlake speakers nor his Blue Hawaii/HE-90, then, and only then, you have a valid excuse (at least in my opinion). What a memory, the day I first experience the Grado GS 1000i. I say experience because it was more than just a hearing. I am a professional music lover and an amateur sound engineer. My little brother is also a music lover and is aiming for Full Sail in Florida. My daughter, only a few months old, starts dancing to any music with a catchy rhythm. The point is I know and inherently love music. I've flirted with the best of headphones. The only headphone in the world as beautifully crafted as the GS 1000i are the Edition 8. I believe that the Edition 8/7, the HE-90 and the GS 1000i are among the five best headphones on earth. I can't help feeling the technology behind the Grado's were left on Earth by Decepticons or Autobot. Now, If I only listened to classical music, the GS 1000i wouldn't be my favorite. Truth is, I enjoy everything -- from a Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in B flat major by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a Guzheng solo by Lunlun Zu/Wei Li to Nancy Ajram's Enta Eih, 50 Cent's Candy Shop, Papa Roach's scars to Toby Keith's Love this bar. My ecleftic treachery knows no bounds. I hope my girlfriend dad never read this review, not for the swipe I'm about to take at his system but I don't think he'd like to know that I his daughter and I were on his bed, browsing through his SACD collection. But even his Krell-driven Theta giants didn't impress me as much as his Grado headphones. While listening to Lil Waynes "Leather so soft," I could not help sliding my fingers across the soft leather band and down the smooth mahogany cups o the GS1000. Listening to R&B become so much more involving, so much more personal. The headphone cradled my faces snugly yet with absolutely no pressure, as if I were being caressed. Playing Seductive, I couldn't escape the feeling that Beyonce was really trying to seduce me. The phones were so light that you forgot you were wearing them just after a few songs. Unlike other headphones that wrap the music around your head, the Grado 1000i created an expansive sound stage and place you in the middle of the music. I felt like a spirit in the musical field of dreams. It was the feeling I got when listening to fully mastered protools/nuedo projects through my uncle's Urei 813a --before they are corrupted into a 16 bit Compact Disk. The Grado accurately divide each group of instruments and still preserve the subtle difference among similar instruments. The resolution was stunning. The headphone had complete control and never loss track of the pace --perfect transient response. Even in a complex piece, the micro detail and spaciousness remained staggering. I could tell which violin was a Chadwick London and which was a Bailly. This headphone is a true master of sound stage. Opera truly emphasized this feature. The GS never get's in the way of the music. The mids can sound so smooth and warm or so dry and cold ---but ths was always left up to the recording. The hi/ hi-hi were never distorted and caused no fatigue. The music never sounded compressed. To really test the bass, I watched a few movies in these headphones. I kept forgetting I was in my room. Sudden sounds or the abrupt approach a semi felt so alarming. Sheer impulse would turn my head as if the danger was actually present. The attack of these headphones are fabulous. The hunk of a horn, the blast of an explosion, the unexpected kicking of a door really pump the blood --very good bass. I was very worried that a sound that would normally circle around the room in my Bose theater system, would simply pan left to right in annoyance; but that is not what happened. Its almost as if there were dozens of smaller speakers inside each phone and a few more behind my head. Circling sounded much more believable in the headphones than my Bose home theater system. With my eyes open, it was still hard to believe that I wasn't really in a Shaolin temple. The reverb, the decay of the Grado was like the vanishing of a colorful mist --it appeared, it spread, it thinned and disappeared. Goosebumps; you could darn near feel the sound on your skin. My good friend if you ever needed proof of other-worldly technology, look no farther than the Grado GS 1000i. I am so tempted to call these GT 1000i (Greenmen Technology). As to why people mention the HD 650 or the K70* in the same breath with this headphone is beyond me. The Senn is too dark, the K702 is way too bright. I listen to the 10 Tenors and Canzone della Strada and couldn't feel the air between notes, the sound was so flat in comparison. Listening to world music like the African Kora or Tibetan chants was not the same experience. Dr Dre's "In Da Club" demanded serious bass and the 1000 gave it to 'em. While listening to tango/salsa/meringue, the GS1000i reminded me of the ESL 101(MLogan). Listening to accoustic guitarists like Jim Hall, you can hear the way his finger tips slip of the guitar strings, even the rhythm with which they breathes. I heard Canard's Chansonette Francais and "faison lamour" in Jamal's FirstWatt/DIVA combo and still vouched for the Grado. The pasting of breaths,fingers sliding through the hair, each kissed sounded so present and so real. The illusion of space was so perfectly recorded that one could imagine where and how the female was being kissed. Every nuance, every whisper, the nails grasping for the bed sheets were all so properly expressed and was never marred by the overlaying music. My girlfriend testified "Other then the Ultrasound Edition 8, I have never experience a sonic orgasm." Should me and my baby break up (no, not the GS 1000i), i hope her family and I remain friends because I am not going back to BestBuy speakers and Bose headphones. I think I'm starting to overuse my welcome. The hint came when Ahmed offered to sell me the Grado ($1500). I have no problem paying a little extra for customer service, but I can buy GS from for less than $1k. Going by testimonial, they have great customer service. Sure it wont come with a home cooked meal served on the comfort of an EKTORP sofa; but with the savings, I can buy my own lunch and oriental couch (well maybe not the couch). I'd hate to give the wrong impression but I don't go over the in-laws just to use their hi-fi systems. Sometimes, I visit just to spend quality time with them, to just look at them. For example, her uncle always lay the Ultrasound Edition 8 next to the Melody amp and its such a good look. Her dad, next door, always keep the Grado in the guess room, leaning casually on the Navision Audio just for display (wish I had actual pics). On a personal note, the Grado can do more then sing. When the quake hit home early this January of this year, I volunteered for humanitarian services and my girlfriend was deployed with the US COAST GUARD for aid efforts. Ahmed allowed to me travel with his DAC/AMP/GS1000i. Missing my 2yr old son and knowing my fiancee was so near but couldn't see her added to my heartache. Also, the battered city was nothing like the outskirt hills where I was brought up. It seems unlikely that a pair of headphone could give any relief at such a time, but they did. I remembered the many colorful trees, the crystal clear water streams, the chalk white pebbles and tan sand by the river beds. I remembered the laughter in the streets, the smell or roses, cooked food and kid football games. The GS1000i and the miraculous recordings of Jean Pierre Canard was like time machine, a time machine fueled by music. After working all through the night for 19 hours and a two hour walk home, I lied on the patio, shaded by a mango tree, closed my eyes and pressed play. The subtle and distant sound of market bargaining, the children's giggle and approaching footstep sounded so real. It's as if the children were still there. Probably, Mr Canard will only be known and remembered by a few country but the quality and genius of his recording is second to none. He didn't just record music but he recording occasions. An entire hour of virtual nothing but a distant conversation, the occasional blowing of the wind, the excited footstep of a child running to an ice cream bouret. The Grado headphones really his artwork justice. Pros: I don't believe in pros/cons. for every good there's a bad Cons: as for me, I'll take the good with the bad.

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