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Originally founded in 1953 by Joseph Grado, Grado Labs is a leader in dynamic open air, high fidelity headphones. Their lines of innovative and technologically advanced headphones set them apart from the competition and have helped them receive many industry awards. Joseph Grado was inducted into the Audio Hall of Fame in 1982 and passed the Grado Labs legacy on to his son John in 1990. For over two decades John has led the Grado Labs company to continually advance headphone technology while meeting the changing needs of consumers.

The company holds 48 United States patents and currently produces several different lines of headphones all at different price points. The Grado Labs headphones are known for:

  • Advanced audio technology All of the Grado headphone models feature vented diaphragm technology, 40mm driver-oriented supra aural earcups, and dynamic transducers.

  • High quality construction All of the materials used in the manufacturing of Grado headphones are the highest quality available and contribute to the amazing level of construction. The carefully selected materials include high tech plastics, hand-crafted mahogany, and aluminum alloy.

  • Sound quality The Grado models offer users unparalleled listening experiences. Songs come to life and can make listeners feel as if they are sitting front row at a concert or next to the artist at the recording studio.

  • Sleek appearance The Grado headphones are beautiful to look at, too! Each model is available in specific colors including black, white, and silver. The ear cups maintain a low profile on the user’s head and the headbands fit close and tight.

At Earphone Solutions we are proud to offer our customers a variety of headphone models from Grado Labs. We are confident they will transform your listening experience and provide a beautiful, rich sound.