How can the “Made in the USA” label accurately describe the product you’re buying?

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Made in the USA. You may find this short, four word phrase on the box of an item you just bought or sewn into a shirt you recently wore. But what does it actually mean? How can the “Made in the USA” label accurately describe the product you’re buying?


In the high-end audio market the Made in the USA label speaks volumes about the quality of the product. Top of the line audio equipment is focused on the pursuit of excellence and attaining the most accurate sound possible. At Earphone Solutions we feature a variety of earphones that are manufactured in the USA but the Aurisonics line and the Roxanne earphone from JH Audio represent the best of our “Made in the USA” products.


Westone UM Pro Series All of Westone’s products are incredibly well built and contain the latest in available audio technology. However, only their UM Pro Series is Made in the USA. The UM Pro Series comes in three models, the 10, 20, and 30, and each unit is handcrafted in Colorado Springs, CO. All of the UM Pro models come with the signature Westone orange monitor vault, an EPIC braided audio cable, True-Fit and STAR tips in multiple sizes, and the manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee. The three different models in the UM Pro Series each offer users a state-of-the-art listening or sound monitoring experience.


  • UM Pro 30 The UM Pro 30 offers a three way crossover that is aligned with individual high, mid, and low drivers. This creates a smooth sound that is balanced and even across all frequencies.

  • UM Pro 20 This dual driver model offers passive crossover with a range and output for stage conditions or listening enjoyment by a music enthusiast. The balanced armature design provides an even sound that is clear and unmuddled.

  • UM Pro 10 The UM Pro 10 offers listeners exceptional clarity and detail in a single balanced armature design. Users appreciate the comfortable, low profile fit of the compact and ergonomic earphone.

Aurisonics Line The Aurisonics company began in 2011 by Dale Lott, an acclaimed audio specialist and sound engineer in Nashville, TN. Aurisonics is proud of the fact that all of their products are designed and assembled exclusively in the United States. Depending on the individual product, between 60-80% of the components are manufactured in the United States.  We offer four varieties of Aurisonics earphones:


  • ASG-2.5 The ASG-2.5 combines a 14.2mm full range dynamic driver featuring tunable bass with two state of the art tweeters. This combination provides unmatched sound quality for on-stage monitoring, mix monitoring, or simple listening enjoyment for a discerning audiophile.


  • ASG-1Plus The bass response in the ASG-1Plus is noteworthy and powered by a 15mm dynamic driver. This driver is situated in the ear at the precise angle for top performance from a single driver earphone. The ASG-1Plus earphones include 3 different sizes of silicone tips for users to select the perfect fit.

  • ASG-1.5The ASG-1.5 offers listeners a solid build quality within a lightweight and portable design. The sound quality is enhanced by a massive 14.2mm dynamic driver that helps bring the music to life. The high quality Aurisonics construction is obvious in the durable rubberized shell, braided cable, and solid Otter Box case.

  • Rockets The Rockets model from Aurisonics isn’t yet released but eager audiophile fans can’t wait to get their hands on them. This model features a titanium shell, Kevlar tri-weave cable, a 5.11mm precision dynamic driver, and “skin-soft” tips for a precise fit.


JH Audio Roxanne The thought of 12 drivers per earpiece is a bit mind boggling, yes? Yet when you listen to your favorite music through this 12 driver model you’ll be instantly transported. The Roxanne earphone from JH Audio is part of the Sirens Series and offers listeners a top of the line in-ear audio system alongside unmatched customization options. Features of the Roxanne earphones include:


  • SoundriVe technology Each side features quad low, quad mid, and quad high armature drivers with a state-of-the-art three way crossover.

  • Variable bass control The amount of bass can be modified up to 15db frequency by using the advanced cable control technology.

  • Noise isolation Ambient noise won’t get in the way of your listening experience with the Roxanne’s industry leading noise isolation technology.

We’re proud to sell many different “Made in the USA” earphones and anticipate you’ll appreciate the quality these products offer.

The Ins & Outs of Noise Isolating Earphones

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We’ve all been in situations where we’d like to eliminate unwanted ambient noise; noisy passengers on an airplane, the sounds of a busy city street, or everyday noise that interrupts our music enjoyment. The good news is that advancing noise isolating technology has allowed earphone manufacturers to develop and offer products that successfully reduce and isolate unwanted noise.


How do noise isolating earphones work?

Noise isolating earphones work passively to isolate external noise without producing opposing frequencies. These earphones create a seal within a wearer’s ear that reduces external noise and prevents it from entering the ears. Noise isolating earphones naturally prevent noise from entering the ear by a snug fit and the acoustic properties of the sleeve or tip. They don’t require any additional circuitry or batteries to isolate unwanted noise.


How can you benefit from noise isolating earphones?

There are a many different benefits of noise isolating earphones, including the:

  • Size Noise isolating earphones are small, portable and easily stowed in a purse or bag. Ideal for travel, they can go anywhere.

  • Sounds A proper fit offers wearers rich low tones and clear mids and highs. Music lovers appreciate the sounds provided by the earphones and the ambient noise isolation.

  • Custom fit Manufacturers typically offer wearers a variety of tip sizes to ensure a proper fit. Wearers should take the time to test the earphones with the different size tips for the ideal, customized fit.

  • Noise reduction Noise isolating earphones essentially separate the wearer from ambient noise by elevating the desired sounds. Wearers will enjoy listening to their favorite music without worrying about unwanted sounds.


How do different companies use noise isolation technology?

  • Shure All of the earphones produced by Shure are noise isolating. Their models come with multiple sizes and styles of sleeves so wearers can find the perfect fit that will provide effective noise isolation. Wearers can experiment with these different sleeves to find the fit that works best. Shure’s noise isolation technology works across the audible spectrum and blocks sounds such as a television, music, and human speech. They are ideal for use in noisy situations such as on an airplane, in a subway, or on a busy city street.

  • Westone Westone, famous in the professional audio industry, also manufacturers state of the art noise isolating earphones. They come with two sizes of foam tips, three sizes of bulb shaped rubber tips,  a pair of universal fit triple flange tips, and three sizes of bell shaped silicon tips. The foam tips will likely provide the best noise isolation because they are designed to expand and contract to mold to the wearer’s ears. This concept isolates unwanted noise and allows the wearer to get lost in the music. Westone provides a four driver design that offers four balanced armature drivers and a three way crossover.


The team at Earphone Solutions is available to help you find the perfect noise isolating earphone to meet all of your needs. Our website offers helpful and convenient forums, reviews, and frequently answered questions.