Best Earphones For Jazz

If you love jazz music you know what sets it apart. It’s energetic while being laid back. Improvisational yet precise. Harmonious but also featuring a bit of discord. The different sounds of jazz music make it one of the most exciting musical genres to listen to because you never know what is coming next. When choosing the perfect earphone for enjoying jazz music you want a model that resonates deep and low while featuring clear highs and room for the jazz vocalist to shine.

Our Earphone Solutions’ reviewing, rating and ranking model sets us apart from the competition by ensuring our recommended models fit your individual needs. Our eight member review panel is committed to helping you choose the perfect earphone. This team has carefully evaluated many different models to determine which are best for jazz.

Westone W60 The W60 is the ultimate earphone for listening to jazz music. The six balanced armature drivers and the three way crossover will transport you. The pluck of the strings, the crisp hi-hat, and the rumble of the bass sound authentic, detailed, and clear. Westone’s unmatched attention to detail is evident in the earphone’s build quality and unique sound profile.

JH Audio Roxanne The Roxanne is the first in JH Audio’s Sirens series and boasts twelve drivers per earpiece! The sound profile features SoundriVe technology that integrates quad high, quad mid, and quad low drivers with a three way crossover. Users can even adjust the bass output up to 15db for a truly personalized listening experience.

Westone W20  The W20 is a dual balanced armature driver model that features a passive crossover perfect for listening to jazz music. Listeners will appreciate the full bass, clear mids and detailed highs perfect for a smooth jazz sound. As with all Westone models the W20 comes with multiple sizes of silicone sleeves and foam tips so you can find your perfect fit.

At Earphone Solutions we are proud to guarantee the manufacturer’s two year warranty on every model we sell. You can rest assured your investment is safe when you purchase from us.

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