Best Headphones for R&B Soul Music

R&B and soul is an eclectic musical genre that encompasses all types of sounds and artists. Traditional R&B and soul came of age after the disco era ended and it included synthesizers, sound effects, and percussion elements weaved together with the rhythmic elements of disco and funk. Contemporary R&B and soul features polished production, complex rhythms backed by drums and bass, and lush vocals. Today’s R&B and soul also incorporates elements of other genres including pop, electronic, and dance.

Our team at Earphone Solutions is proud of our comprehensive reviewing, rating and ranking model. This model helps us ensure you are choosing the perfect earphone to enjoy your favorite R&B and soul artists. Our review panel is made up of eight members and their feedback helps us determine which models we recommend for different types of listeners. The panel has recommended the following earphone models for enjoying R&B and soul music:

Westone W50 The W50 ranked at the top of the R&B and soul music category for its clear sound and deep, full bass.  It features five balanced armature drivers and a three way crossover which makes your favorite songs stand out. Westone is known for its incomparable quality and commitment to a personalized listening experience and the W50 is just one of the many Westone models we offer at Earphone Solutions.

Shure SE535 The velvety mid range of the Shure SE535 sets it apart from the competition. This model features upper and higher mid ranges that are directed to one driver that is specially designed to handle both of these ranges. The lower medium and bass frequencies are routed to dual woofers. Another notable feature of the Shure SE535 model is the durable, malleable, and replaceable cord.  

ASG-1Plus R&B and soul music sound clear and detailed on the ASG-1Plus model. Our panel discovered that the bass is noteworthy thanks to the powerful 15mm dynamic driver. The ASG-1Plus is also known for its mid range and how it perfectly complements the deep bass. Many listeners appreciate the specific build quality of this earphone and the way the earpiece is perfectly situated in the ear for exceptional performance from a single driver earphone.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service at Earphone Solutions and we guarantee the manufacturer’s two year warranty on every model we sell. Your purchase of a pair of earphones to enjoy R&B and soul music is protected.

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