Best Earphones for Hip Hop Music

Hip hop music is legendary. It includes the sounds of the original djs spinning on turntables, the evolution of “gangsta rap”, the genre staple of sampling classic sounds, and the lively dance beats that invite us all to get up and move.

Hip hop enthusiasts know that its sounds deserve a state of the art earphone for true enjoyment. It is important to choose the right earphone that will bring the music to life and transport you to the urban centers hip hop is derived from. You will be able to enjoy the diversity of hip hop sounds while clearly hearing all parts of the composition.  

Deciding which models are best for hip hop started with identifying the most important parts of the genre and highlighting these components. We aimed to find models that brought the syncopation to life, provided a rich bass sound that didn’t overwhelm the highs and mids, and allowed the listener to hear and interact with the different parts of the song clearly without any noise congestion. Our review panel worked hard, listened to hip hop music, and rated individual models for their sound quality, construction, and performance. These rankings should help you choose which model is right for you.

Shure SE846 The Shure SE846 is our top rated earphone for listening to hip hop music. The music comes to life on the high definition micro-drivers that deliver an incredible clarity to the highs and mids. The bass sounds full and accurate without dominating the sound or overwhelming the mids and highs. You can also customize the frequency response to truly personalize your listening experience. The flush fit helps to create true noise isolation and block out ambient noise that tends to get in the way.

Westone W50 This earphone model boasts five drivers that bring the music to life with a detailed bass, clear mids, and balanced highs that emphasize up tempo vocals. Listening on the W50 is enjoyable whether the song is classic hip hop, rap, or more of a dance party feel. Listeners have a wide variety of choices in selecting which foam tip or silicone sleeve is best for comfort, fit, and noise isolation. .

Westone UM PRO 20  This dual balanced armature driver model boasts passive crossover that enhances any hip hop listening experience. The sound is clear, balanced, and provides the listener the detail necessary to enjoy the individual components of the music. The bass is full without being overwhelming, the mids are clear, and the highs provide the detail to the hip hop music you enjoy. The UM PRO 20 is manufactured in the US and promises an incredibly comfortable fit from Westone’s innovative True-Fit technology.

At Earphone Solutions we guarantee every product sold and guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty. Your purchase is safe and your investment is secure.

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