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Our ranking follows a very simple criteria; it is a consequence that comes from 18 years of: collecting customers' feedback, processing returns, dealing with dozens of manufacturers, quality control issues, testing fit and comfort, sound quality, different music styles and durability. You will only find models and brands that have the highest satisfaction rate among thousands of customers. We test, rank and tell. This is our opinion of what the BEST HEADPHONES for the iPod, iPhone and other MP3 players are. So, after much testing, jogging, Shure SE 846 Right Earpiecelistening at home, on the airplane, at the subway station, we decided to list here the best in-ear earphones available today in the market. Enjoy the "The Best Earphones" ranking!

The best earphones are listed here in order of our preference. The Shure SE846 sits at the top of our list. These Quad-Driver earphones have a new revolutionary low pass filter, a 3-way crossover and removable cables. In second comes the Westone's new W60 with 6 drivers per earpiece and a 3-way crossover with deep bass, clear vocals and great soundstage. The W50 came out in third place. The Westone W40 earphones have a 3-way crossover and Quad Driver earphones. Each earpiece has four drivers: one "tweeter", one mid-range and two "woofers" in a 3-way crossover configuration.

Left earpiece of Westone UMPRO10These earphones are bold! If you are looking for something warmer and more laid back, take a very close look at Westone's new Made in USA UM PRO 50 with 5 drivers and a 3-way crossover, these have our favorite cables, comfort and fit.

The older Shure SE535 maintains its strong position when what you really love is a female vocal with an acoustic guitar. The mid-range on the SE535 are simply beautiful specially with songs with an "empty" background and soulful vocals. The UM PRO 30 has slightly stronger bass. The SE535 is a bit brighter while the UM PRO 30 is more balanced (flatter). The Westone W40 is a great option for iPod owners as the drivers are more elastic and accepting of EQ changes. For comfort we do prefer the UM series (UM PRO 10, UM PRO 20, UM PRO 30 and UM PRO 50) because of its slightly elongated nozzle. The Westone W40 however is simply amazing for cello, violins and classic masterpieces.

These models are our overall best ear canal headphones, combining the best fit, comfort and sound, along with the best fitting cables. We tested them with an iPhone 5 to maintain a good constant during our tests.

We strive to be the best at what we do and all of the in-ear earphones (also known as ear canal headphones) you find on Earphone Solutions are special and of the highest quality, but the ones you see rated here are, well, extra-special. We understand that this choice is a very personal matter, however we have found along these years that, the great majority of our customers that had the chance to try more than one model, are in agreement with our findings. Our staff, contributors and friends simply listen to all the earphones and then we vote the best earphones for the iPod and other portables. We listen to all kinds of music in different situations and with different sources. We do not get hung on headphone technical W20 Westone Earphones Include 2 cables: iPhone and Audio braided cablespecifications.

If you would like to spend less, we love the sound of the Shure SE425 specially for Rock and Classical music. The comfort and fit are great and the earpieces offer a negative profile (as in recessed in the ear design) making it a perfect earphone to listen to music while falling asleep.

The Shure SE425 have excellent bass due to the new passive dual crossover and dual driver. Shure packed the passive crossover plus 2 drivers inside each earpiece of the SE425.

The UM PRO 20 has dual drivers with awesome sound quality and excellent bass. It also has an excellent comfort and fit. The UM PRO 20 has more emphasized highs and lows than mids. It comes with a no hassle 2 year warranty by Westone when purchased from Earphone Solutions. A great option for stage monitoring (professional musicians) and for those iPod owners that like strong bass and highs.

With the same new desing of SE425 and SE535, the SE315 has a single armature driver on each earpiece and beats almost everything under $200. It's actually a more affordable version of all the best principles in construction, driver, comfort and fit acquired by Shure on their $500 model: SE535 but on a single driver configuration. Lots of crispiness on the highs and mids but if you are a bass lover, the SE315 is not for you.

Right Earpiece of the Shure SE215 EarphonesThe Shure SE215 Earphones was the first high-end earphones under $100 with removable cables. Best for those looking for comfort and very good detail on mids and highs. The dynamic drivers on the SE215 deliver lots of bass, giving you more definition on the low end of the frequency range. EXCELLENT comfort and design. It matches the fit and comfort of Shure’s top of the line SE535.

The Shure SE215 is a huge upgrade from stock earbuds. A great first in-ear earphone. Good bass and much more detail than consumer in-ear earphones. The SE215 comes in CLEAR or BLACK. The SE215 are very nicely finished and they come with a 2 Year no hassle replacement or repair policy by Shure when purchased from Earphone Solutions. 

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